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Oceans of Us

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Title: Oceans of Us
Release Date: January 18, 2022

He’s Italian, older, a gorgeous tattooed Harley lover… and the one man I can never have.


From the moment Saint Lisconti moved in next door and recklessly stepped all over my favorite rare tiger lilies, it’s been war between us. Now, three years after our first encounter, hate simmers down, giving way to heated stolen glances that leave me drowning in his piercing ocean blue eyes.


Our attraction blooms. Sparks I crave to unravel fly. Everything changes.


Saint becomes my savior. The reason I find poetic beauty in life. He’s thirty-six, burdened by the scars from his past I so desperately want to heal. I’m eighteen, a good girl, but no matter how many times Saint warns me away, I find myself breaking all the rules for a taste of the forbidden.


Because Saint isn’t just a guarded bad boy… he’s also my father’s best friend.


And when he agrees to wanting more, all bets are off.


But as I fall deeper, our love may be the very thing that breaks us when fate twists with our plans…


Or will it?

Oceans of Us is an angsty age gap, steamy and emotional father's best friend forbidden romance standalone.

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