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Remember I'm Yours

Remember I'm Yours_ebook HI RES.jpg

Title: Remember I'm Yours (Prequel Novella to Diesel Rose)
Release Date: September 6, 2022

From the moment I gazed into his melancholic onyx eyes, I knew he would be mine.


Elijah Diesel isn’t just my gorgeous, older, mysterious obsession, he’s also the lead vocalist of an up-and-coming alternative rock band due to take the world by storm.


He wanted nothing to do with me. Yet he kept coming back.


And I let him.


And now, only one thing is certain. This won’t be the end of us…


Because it’s only just our beginning.

Remember I'm Yours is a 25k-word novella.

It is a prequel to Diesel Rose & to be read prior to Diesel Rose.

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