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Diesel Rose


Title: Diesel Rose
Release Date: October 11, 2022

Rosalia Philips isn’t only the muse laced into every lyric I write.

She’s my cure.

The reason I’m still breathing.


Four years ago, I let her go. Now, I’d do anything to make her mine. One night, while my famed alternative rock band is on a world-wide tour, our fate collides, and I become addicted to her.


I told her I’d ruin her life. That I wanted nothing to do with her. I lied.


I’m the poetically tragic rock star.

She’s the beautifully broken ballerina.

Together, we’re the cruelest of enemies…and the messiest lovers.


Our attraction is chaotic like nineteenth-century Brontë.

Unpredictable like a psychopath’s lullaby.

Diabolic like the Joker and his queen.


And yet, we won’t stop till we unravel what we crave most…to be loved.

Whatever that freaking means.


But just like every addiction, her love could be the very thing that kills me…

And these are the reasons why…

NOTE: This full-length book is a standalone and INCLUDES the prequel, Remember I’m Yours.

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